First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers
Here’s an unsolicited Testimonial from one of our many First Time Buyers-

The Scotts, 1st. Time Buyers, bought in Brookpark

We went to one of Chris Higgins’ open houses, after the original house we put a bid on failed inspection. My husband was searching the internet, and I was so depressed because I really wanted that house. My husband found Chris’ listing and said lets go take a look at it. So we go to the house, and we fell in love with it! It was a forclosed house that Fireside Builders flipped. They did an absolutely amazing job and once we saw this house, we knew we had to act quickly. We put our bid in, it was accepted and within 6 weeks we had the keys. Chris and his team were always courteous and answered our millions of questions as this was our 1st house we have purchased. If we ever move, I will absolutely hire the Dream Team to help us sell and locate a new home. We always tell everyone about our experience and they are all impressed!

Maybe your biggest decision so far….Thinking of Buying your First Home?

Why Rent when you can likely Own for Less and Build Equity and Never pay another cent to your landlord in Rent!

Exciting? Yes, Overwhelming? Maybe, Worth it? Absolutely!

The Dream Team Specializes in Helping First Time Buyers “Follow Your Dreams” of Home Ownership!

Let us lead you thru the steps and find your Dream Home.

You would be suprised to find how much you can for what your currently paying for in Rent-

Plus ask about our exclusive V.I.P. Guarantee just for YOU!!