Lisa Rose

I listed my home with an agent for two months. We had an offer and the home did not appraise for what we asking and the buyer agreed to. I was not willing to go down 13,000 and the buyer was not willing to go up 13,000, naturally. I don’t feel the agent at that time worked with the appraiser as he should have. I took the home off the market.
A week later I received numerous calls from agents saying they can relist my home. Tons of letters showed up. I spoke to Chris Higgins team and I actually stopped to have an intelligent conversation about my home. I explained everything to him before we hurried and got it back on the market. He also went out there to take a look to make sure it met the standards of the asking price before we both wasted our time.
The home sold in 45 days!! The process was easy as we have moved to Texas from Ohio. Selling our home from another state was made easy by The Dream Team.
Bottom line The Dream Team is very professional and HONEST!!!
Thank you, Chris and Samantha Higgins

— Lisa Rose