Sold my home!

You are a ROCK STAR! This is AWESOME NEWS! WHAT A HUGE HUGE BURDEN lifted off of me! WOW!

I did not know if this Short Sale would EVER be done before the bank would foreclose on me, after several colossal failures after being so close to a completed sale before. Seemed like the bank was just playing games.

And to think we got this offer of $109k approved when my last realtor could only get me a high of $60k last fall!

THANK YOU for working so hard to bring this deal to a CLOSE! I know you had to meet with inspectors and tenants and contractors, you went above and beyond for me! I am going to recommend you highly to anyone up there who needs a realtor!

I want to add a client testimonial for your website – so others in my shoes can feel hope rising as they learn about your firm and consider who to use to help them with their sale. Let me know on this.
UNBELIEVABLE! And on my daughter’s 6th birthday no less.
Thank you again,
Greg Milewski

— Greg Milewski